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ThauMagic Thaumatin EP4: 「Global Insight」Application of thaumatin in commercial products


· Mask off-flavor of high-intensity sweeteners

· Enhance flavor and improve balanced taste profile of the product (used below the threshold of sweetness)

· Lower the threshold of fat and salty taste perception, and effectively enhance the flavor of low-fat and salt-reduced products (Especially in low-fat dairy products, it can significantly enhance the creamy and fullbodied mouthfeel.)

· Overcome the off-notes experienced with functional ingredients (reduce the aftertaste and bitterness associated with vitamin C, the bitterness and astringency of vitamins B2 and B6, the bitter notes of caffeine, as well as the fishy flavor of protein and amino acids)


Thaumatin is subject to different regulations and labeling requirements in different countries.

For example, in the US, thaumatin is used as flavor and labeled as natural flavor or flavor. It is not necessary to show thaumatin. We can't tell whether thaumatin is used in the formulation from the ingredient list of the products. In Europe, thaumatin is used as sweetener or flavor enhancer, in some Asia-Pacific countries as sweetener or flavor, and needs to be clearly marked in the label.

In addition to considering regulatory and labeling requirements, another important reason for manufacturers to label thaumatin is "natural ingredients".

"Natural" have a crucial impact on consumers' decisions about food and beverage purchasing. More and more consumers begin to pay attention to food additives and ingredients indicated on labels.

As a valuable natural sweet protein, thaumatin is not only used in food and beverages, but also can be used as flavoring substances in the production of food flavors. It plays an important role in improving creamy mouthfeel and enriching balanced flavor of products. It can be regarded as the "unsung hero" in delivering the palatable taste of sugar-reduced or low-fat products.

According to Mintel, thaumatin is a multifunctional ingredient, used as a sweetener, flavour enhancer, masking agent and to contribute to mouthfeel. There have been recent launches that include a blend of thaumatin and stevia such as flavored milks, cola and flavored mineral water. Thaumatin synergies with stevia could present more opportunities in beverages, making it the ‘natural’ sweetener blend equivalent to the successful Ace-K and aspartame blend.

In the selected case studies, thaumatin is marked in the label of the products already sold in the market as the examples of showing the application trend of thaumatin.


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