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ThauMagic Thaumatin EP3: Functions of thaumatin and its application in F&B


Thaumatin consists of two closely related proteins that are both made up of 207 amino acids in a single chain, cross-linked with 8 disulphide bridges, giving molecular weights of 22,209 and 22,293. *

Thaumatin is ideal for use in acid conditions so that it is suitable for various typical acid soft drinks. It also can be pasteurized or even ultra-heat treatment sterilized.

Thaumatin is freely soluble in water. Solutions of 10% can be obtained in 60% aqueous alcohol, and prehydration in a little water allows solubility in up to 90% glycol, monopropylene glycol, and sugar alcohols. 1 And then, liquid thaumatin can be mixed directly into essential oils or flavors without stratification.


When 1 ppm thaumatin was added to the low-fat milk (with 0.5% fat content), the creamy mouthfeel increased by 40%;

When 1 ppm thaumatin was added to the low-fat milk (with 1.05% fat content), the creamy mouthfeel increased by 67%;

In defatted bactericidal lactobacillus beverage, the challenges are the unbalanced acid and sweet profile, the lack of fullness and creamy mouthfeel. After adding 1 ppm thaumatin, the overall fullness and creamy mouthfeel can be significantly improved with harmonized sweet/sour profile.


This is a notable application in low fat dairy products which are normally sensed as being watery and lacking in body. When adding a small amount of thaumatin in the formulation, it can give a much greater sense of fullness.

By adding thaumatin to the flavor system or fruit preparation that may be used to flavor a yoghurt for example can modify the perception of the creaminess and fat content of the product base and add an enhanced flavor effect. **

The late onset of sweetness and the ability of thaumatin to enhance flavors means that it can also demonstrate the ability to mask the aftertaste and bitterness of materials. A particularly useful benefit when working with both Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical ingredients. **


* Michael Witty, John D. Higginbotham, 1994, THAUMATIN, ISBN: 0-8493-5196-0.

** Karl A. D. Swift, 2020, Advances in Flavours and Fragrances: From the Sensation To the Synthesis (Special Publications) 1st Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0854048212

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